Resource NI

Resource NI was established to work alongside individuals and organisations providing them with resources they need and enabling them to discover resources they already have to bring to a variety of challenges to create new opportunities for hope. In particular, Resource NI works alongside individuals and organisations that:

  • have or are experiencing trauma, secondary trauma or significant stress
  • are engaged in processes of change
  • are living in or with conflict
  • are seeking to build resilience and find balance in creative, thinking spaces that allow all to contribute their best to the task in hand

Using resiliency skills as taught through the CRM Skills Model, Trauma Resource Institute, with thinking spaces, Resource NI works with you to establish and develop your resources by increasing understanding of how best thinking can be done and developing the balance necessary for good thinking. This approach gives individuals a greater sense of their value and skills supported by healthy relationships with others who may be friends, colleagues, family or community members.

Resource NI’s values inform both the approach to and manner in which work is carried out. Resource NI will work with you to understand your needs and design processes that are agile and responsive, focussing on you as the key resource for the future.


Each individual can make a positive contribution

Each individual can develop skills to become a balanced, thinking resource to the world

Groups of individuals can create thinking spaces and find their way to new, creative approaches and ideas

Individuals, groups and organisations need not remain hostage to traumatic or stressful experiences