Technology’s seduction

I just can’t resist. I have to admit it. Hands up, truth be told, give it up, reveal reality – I just can’t resist! Apple do it so well. Somewhere else it is said that image is everything and with Apple image matters. The presentation matters. The sound, the vision, the slick movement from one aspect of the presentation to another, it all matters. Somehow it doesn’t feel contrived or inauthentic. The build up, the self-aggrandisement, the applause, the new information, the product. The iPad has arrived. It seems that’s what we’re calling it – the iPad. Not 3 or 2S, just simply the iPad. Therein lies another aspect of this seductive technology – simplicity.

There are things I know – I know that what technology I have will continue to work well and that it is still a product to boggle the mind; I know that it will take some saving to be able to afford this new product; I know that there are things more worthy of my savings than this; I know that in parts of the world there is no internet connection, no way to maintain technology of this sort; I know that sometimes there are suspect work & employment practices; and I know that I have been taken in by technology’s incredible, seductive power. Yet, and here’s another truth, there are very few things in life I give in to or am driven by quite so much as Apple’s latest devices.

So take a look and if you don’t get it, well…. what can I say? Clearly you don’t appreciate this wonderful world in which ordinary human beings have learned to exercise God-given gifts to extremes which ten years ago could not even have been imagined. Take a look…